You’ve chosen the one now what's next? Whether you have bought the gown off the peg or have ordered it in, it is almost certain you will need to have some alterations to make sure the gown fits perfectly.  


It's never too soon to think about alterations to your gown. We advise that you book an alterations appointment as soon as you have chosen your gown with our in-house seamstress, Julie Fegan. 


We schedule your first fitting around 6 weeks before your wedding day. This allows plenty of time to complete any alterations and have multiple fitting appointments if you require them. Our seamstress, Julie will pin your gown to fit you perfectly and it is vital that you bring the shoes and underwear you will be wearing on your big day with you to each appointment.  


The next fitting appointment will be scheduled depending on the level of alterations that are required to make your gown fit perfectly.  


Your final fitting appointment will be no more than 2 weeks before your wedding day as this will allow plenty of time for any last-minute adjustments. 


Every bride is different when it comes to the number of alterations needed on their dress. Some will need only a few adjustments where some may need a full alterations package. The majority of our brides will need the length adjusting on their dress and it is also normal to expect to adjust the straps on your gown. 


We can add straps, belts and bustles to give your dress a personal touch. 


Alterations are not included in the price of your gown. The cost of these will depend on your requirements. 


You can obtain a price list from Take a Vow at your initial appointment. 

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